Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Alaska adventure

Most sports become inspirational when extraordinary people excel at ordinary things. In ultra-endurance racing, ordinary people must excel at extraordinary things. "Ghost Trails" is the true story of an ordinary person - timid, nonathletic, raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City - and her unlikely route to one of the most difficult winter bicycle races in the world, a 350-mile epic along Alaska's frozen Iditarod trail. Through her struggles and intimate confrontations with her fears and weaknesses, she discovers the surprising destination of her life's trails.

Signed copies "Ghost Trails" are available for $15.95 plus shipping by clicking on the "Buy Now" button. One, two or three copies can be shipped for $4.80 in the United States. Four to 10 copies cost $9.30 to ship. International orders can be shipped at a flat rate of $9.70 for one, two or three copies and $19.80 for four to 10.


Will Hively said...

Jill, will you please fix the third word in chapter 1, in case any other copy editors stay with you that far? You mean that your body shuddered, not "shuttered." And, farther down, I think you mean that you were poring over maps, not "pouring," unless you were using the maps as place mats.

--A well-wishing curmudgeon

Jill said...


Thanks! This book's going through one more copy edit before it reaches its "final version."

It's already been through two edits since the first one, which I had edited by a friend, which proved only somewhat effective. I didn't try to copy edit my own book, but that probably would have been a disaster as well (I would never catch spelling mistakes like those, which is probably why I made them.) The current version has been scrubbed of many of its errors.

Thanks again.

Cherie said...

Just finished reading your book, Jill. I loved it. Couldn't put it down.

I am amazed by your grit and your life.

And yet, somehow, there is a certain sadness to it all. Can't put my finger on it.

I still follow your Up in Alaska blog and envy envy envy you your environment. Breathtaking.

I hope you find whatever you are looking for. You inspire me.

Jill said...

Thanks Cherie! I am working on a 2009 "book" that also may never see the light of day. Actually, Ghost Trails came into existence almost purely on a whim. I made it public and then I couldn't take it back. Lately, I've distanced myself from Ghost Trails, because right now to me it represents loss that I am still trying to process.

This type of writing is a lot more personal than my blog, and also, in many ways, even more selfish, because it's the way I delve deeper into who I think I am. And in there, of course, is a lot of loneliness and uncertainty. And some of that, yes, reflects as sadness. I don't view loneliness and uncertainty as bad things. I think they are essential, beautiful facets of the human condition.